Tech’d Up and Ready to Go

It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been a busy few months. A lot has happened. Got a job as a tech journalist, which has kept me quite busy. Before this there was a brief existential period where I didn’t know where I was heading. After completing my Masters in English Literature, I was pretty sure I wanted to go further and ursue my PhD and eventually teach. But when that didn’t work out, I found myself in an unknown world of technology. Well, I say unknown because as much as I love technology and am part of the technology and social media-driven world, I never really ‘knew’ tech. I never cared enough for what went inside a phone or a laptop or a virtual reality headset. From the outside it all looked so cool. But after a few months writing about them, there’s just so much more. And it’s fascinating to see where we are and where we’re heading in technology.

While I’ve mostly written poems and short stories in this blog, I must admit that my life has been all about technology in the last few months and it looks like it is going to be the case for the foreseeable future. If this is my life now, I might as well explore it further. And this is where I’ll be doing it. Of course, I’ll drop in some poetry and such as well (because why not both?). As much as I am a techie now, Literature is a strong part in my life and will continue to be.

You might wonder why blog about technology here when I make a living doing the same at work. While I do write about daily news in tech and ocassional opinions, I don’t get to do the latter all the time. There is a large team and as much as I would love to have my say always, It’s just not possible. So, the pieces I write here will be personal opinions that I just feel urge to share. They might at times sound amatureish (hey, I’m still pretty new to this), but I’ll share it anyway. Some of you might just appreciate what I have to say. Some might not. For those who share my thoughts on technlogy can engage in a discussion with me. While the rest of you can tell me if I know my technolgy or not. If I am  to make a career of this I would love to know if I’m doing it right. So let’s begin.


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