A Dream

And the tears we shed alone at night,
Of the joy and delight at the sight
Of a figure divine, conjured from a vision once lost
Of her that was your half
But it was just a dream.

The fingers that touch the infant’s head,
The infant that suckles without a fright
At the moment when body and soul become one,
And mother and child know peace
Yet it was just a dream.

We know what it means to be free,
Unshackled, unchained, unbroken
Each in his own room, that which we call home
There is no prison, no wall to break
And it was just a dream.

Tired of the ennui and monotony,
I’m trying to break free from me.
And I lie awake some nights remembering
A history of life in one scene
And it was all a dream.

Call for consciousness. Are we awake yet?
The alarm rings, yet we choose to snooze.
Ten minutes more. Now five.
Maybe if I sleep some more,
I might awake from this dream.


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