A Fling with Darkness

When the lights go out and darkness fills your room, it is only then that you appreciate the beauty of cool breezy night in the month of May. It is only when you’re surrounded by shadows that you understand the meaning behind a somber moonlight spreading its thin radiant light as you step out of the confines of solitude that is your home. Shadows that push you into the light; that reveal just how alone you are in the darkness. Yet the moon never leaves your sight, hanging in the sky like a bright white bulb. Oh, how glad you feel seeing that pearly orb, beautiful and freckled, shining far away and a weird sense of comfort taking over you, tightening your body only to let it loose again (to feel what I mean you need only clench your fist as hard as you can for five seconds and let go). When the heat of May strikes hard and makes you weary, breathless, dry in want of air, thirsty for wind and your clothes stick to your body like paper on gum, all it takes is a gentle breeze to make you ecstatic. When your body is warm on the inside and a waft of cool air caresses your face and gently dances with your hair you feel a mix of opposites like never before. A balmy shiver takes hold of your body. You feel alive. Your hair rises up in a choric appeal to the nightly goddess for a few more seconds of darkness. And like all fleeting romances this one too races your heart. You begin to wish for an everlasting union with the dark like a boy at the peak of his pheromonal trance. But when the light comes back, the fling with darkness is over. The dance with the moonlight is at its end. You’re back to your old life. The mundane, the monotony, the ennui of life comes rushing back and you forget all about the little romance in the dark. Yet deep down, in a little dark corner within you, something screams out like a fetus waiting for its date. When you sit alone at nights watching TV, or you lie in bed while still wide awake, you want the lights to go out so that once more, for a brief moment in the dark, you may feel born again.


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